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Michelle Ghilotti

Marketing & Branding Expert

Michelle started her own design business in 2001 and almost immediately took it “on the road.” In SF, she created the company focused on event design near Union Street. In LA, she worked exclusively on couture invitation design projects in a bungalow a block from the beach. In Amsterdam she rode her bike to a studio where she grew the business helping people from around the globe brand and design their businesses. In Portland she focused on local and worldwide businesses and gained Nike as a client, helping them design the identity for various events. In Guadalajara she ventured into design and branding work for non-profits, started writing her book and now back in Los Angeles she’s brought all of her expertise together to help coach women (and Moms!) in stretching their happiness by living fearlessly in pursuit of passionate, purposeful and prosperous businesses.

The piece she loves the most is this mesh of coaching women on the nuts and bolts of business while also creating andbuilding their brands. She truly believes that when a woman is fully empowered in a business that has all the necessary pieces in place and is the highest representation of themselves, she gifts women with more of their genuine power and a fuller life.

“We don’t call any woman’s business a “small business” at Michelle Ghilotti International,” she says. “No woman is small in her ability and creativity and no business is small in possibility or success.”

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Michelle’s Mentor Advice on an Authentic Elevator Pitch

Audio button What’s an Authentic Elevator Pitch?
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Michelle did an interview with Mike Michalowicz of the “Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” where they discussed happiness in business, your purpose, your “musts” and what branding has to do with it.

If you dig humor and want to be even happier in your business, it’s not to be missed!

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Email: michelle@michelleghilotti.com


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