Emma Santizo, Motherhood Transitions Mentor

Emma Santizo

Motherhood Transitions Mentor

Emma is a therapist who has a private practice with her partner, Tara Farajian called Transitions in Motherhood. She has extensive experience as a psychotherapist for the non-profit sector. After having her first child and having gone through perinatal depression and anxiety, Emma realized there were very little services in the community that worked with this population.

After getting treated, Emma decided she would focus her private practice on helping other mothers-to-be, first-time mothers and mothers in general get through the many transitions motherhood can bring. Emma understands the importance of her focus, because having gone through perinatal depression and anxiety herself, she knows how isolating it can be along with the shame and guilt that accompanies it. Emma’s mission is to reach as any women as possible who are suffering in silence and don’t know who to turn to.

“Women need to know they are not the only one going through this and that it is actually more common than they think. Most importantly, they need to know it is temporary and treatable. The moms who come to see me find comfort knowing I truly understand what they are going through and find the hope they need to go through it.”

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