Mom Biz and Balance Series - Mom Entrepreneur Programs

We understand.

Starting or growing a business as a MOM has
its unique set of challenges.

Intimate, yet power-packed programs for mom entrepreneurs who want to get real and get rid of the “Super Mom” mentality in order to achieve personal, family, business and financial goals with a laser-focused support team. We’re not just about teaching business tips and strategies, we focus on making accountable connections, keeping the “oxygen mask” on first and overcoming the mind-stories that keep you from your desired lifestyle as a Mom Entrepreneur.

To keep it focused and intimate, each workshop is limited to a certain number of serious-about-success, passionate, supportive and driven moms.


Experience Three Powerful Program Levels

Core Connection Classes

Core Connection Classes for Mom Entrepreneurs

Core Connection Classes (CCC) are unique, empowering and info-packed networking meetings for Mom Entrepreneurs.

Each meeting includes:

  • Networking and Core Centering activities
  • Topic focused discussion on empowering tools to help you stay balanced and thrive as a Mom Entrepreneur
  • 21 Days of Connection – To keep you inspired and on track, you receive powerful tips, tools, reminders and quotes from the meeting in your inbox for 21 days after you attend
  • Why 21 days? Experts agree it takes 21 days to break a bad habit and form a new one.

  • A tele-conference after the meeting with the speaker for follow-up questions and discussion
  • And, yes…there’s more! Join us and experience what you’ve been searching for!

It is an opportunity for you to:

  • Make lasting connections with other dynamic entrepreneurial women (it takes a Village!)
  • Experience centering activities that guide you to be purpose-driven and laser focused on productive tasks to reach your goals (no more wasting time!)
  • Learn lots of powerful tools you can implement immediately after each meeting (taking you closer to your goals!)
  • Make a difference in the lives of other Mom Entrepreneurs by sharing your successes and challenges (in the words of Maya Angelou, “I have found that among its other benefits, giving always liberates the soul of the giver.” – and it’s good business!).

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Breakthroughs and Beyond Intensive

This impactful 6-month program will provide YOU the workshops, activities, tools, coaching and support you need to breakthrough barriers such as overwhelm, fear, isolation, feelings of inadequacy, unfocused goals, not just as a business woman, but a MOM Entrepreneur.

Obstacles are made to be broken! They exist to challenge us to break out of the box and grow stronger so that we can live the life we desire. However, growth will not happen without facing and breaking through what is holding you back whether you know what it is or not.

*Limited to a group of 7 participants.

  • Build or revise a solid foundation for you and your business.
  • Discover and bring out your True Strengths through an extensive assessment and discover how to surround yourself with a strong and supportive team-circle.
  • Experience and use the Visual Journey tool to train your mind to be open to possibilities so that you don’t miss opportunities.

Includes monthly:

  • 1 4-hr Group Workshop
  • 1 1-hr Peace of Mind Group Sessions (5 total)
  • 2 1-hr One-on-one Business Strategy Sessions
  • 1 2-hr Teleconference group calls

You also receive:

  • The Mom Treppy Advantage II Membership
  • Balanced Mom-Empowerment Organizer
  • Private Online Forum
  • 5 hours of VA Services
  • Breakthroughs & Beyond Day – Ropes Course Mom Edition

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Ropes Course - Moms Edition   Ropes Course - Moms Edition  Ropes Course - Moms Edition





Mastermind On Purpose

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